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Increase Your Productivity And Wellness With Your Morning Routine

Many people struggle with productivity because they face a lot of resistance towards their daily activities, such as work tasks, exercise routines, and social activities. Finding a morning routine that works optimally for you means you will need to experiment with various morning routines that are scientifically proven to enhance your ability to focus on daily tasks.

We often feel like we’ve wasted our day by procrastinating instead of prioritizing what’s most important, which can turn into negative momentum that makes us feel discontent with our progress and life trajectory. Let’s explore the best morning routines for increased productivity and wellness.

Wake Up Early And Start Your Work

Many people suffer from being unproductive because they do not have a fixed sleep schedule, throwing their circadian rhythm off balance and creating feelings of discontent, negatively impacting their daily productivity. Waking up early gives you an edge over others because it allows you to start early and wrap up your work ahead of time, giving you more time in the day to yourself.

Earning small victories like this makes you feel more productive, prompting you to do other stuff so your day can become better and more optimized. It also sets you up to start work earlier, which will only improve your life.

If you’ve got exams to study for as a student, it is worth prioritizing your study sessions early in the morning, so you’re already prepared for your classes. Similarly, if you normally start work at 9 am, you may want to begin at 8:30, allowing you to finish early and have the rest of the day to yourself for other activities.

Remove All Distractions

Many of us struggle with focused work, drawing out simple tasks more than necessary, which can reduce our productivity and amplify feelings of resistance. Resistance is something that always remains, but you need to become an individual that beats it forthrightly every single day, giving you the power and momentum to continue this pattern in the long run.

You might want to leave your phone in another room if you plan to start work at 9 am since it is scientifically proven that browsing social media and watching videos on Youtube can affect your dopamine levels early in the morning, negatively impacting your focus.

This is easily verifiable by trying it out for yourself since you will quickly notice that you lose your ability to focus on your work tasks if you distract yourself by checking your phone after waking up. Studies show that dopamine creates feelings of contentment when you put in work to earn it instead of simply browsing your phone for quick and easy dopamine spikes.

Final Thoughts

By waking up early and leaving your phone in another room, i.e., removing all distractions from your environment, you will be better prepared to tackle the day and increase your productivity, enhancing your performance by a significant margin. Although it requires some discipline and self-control, you can make it easy on yourself by trying a 7-day challenge and noticing the results, making it easier to pursue this productivity routine in the long run.

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