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Maintaining A Relationship With A Workaholic

It is good to be committed to and passionate about your job. And it is something to appreciate and encourage. However, a workaholic is someone unable to tear themselves away from work. They work excessively, compulsively, and are addicted to work.

This could mean that the person enjoys their work, which is a positive sign. In the negative sense of the word, a workaholic is characterized by a neglect of their family and other social obligations. Workaholics as such are unable to maintain healthy relationships and often suffer from health and relationship issues.

It will be difficult for you to be in a relationship with a workaholic. Yes, difficult, but not impossible. There are several methods and tips that you can adopt to cope with and manage your relationship with a workaholic. There are some tips to consider on managing a relationship with a workaholic.

Be Understanding

Knowing your partner’s work and its urgency should not stop you from holding them accountable for giving more time to work than you. Talk to your partner and come to an understanding about how much quality time you can spend with each other.

This quality time should come minus your partner’s work. Being demanding, selfish, and nagging will lead to arguments that could only make your partner run away from you.

Set A Routine

Setting a routine that is suitable for both of you is important. Fix a time between yourselves that is meant for you only, where you simply enjoy each other’s company and give your relationship the quality time it needs to blossom. Plan ahead for activities you both enjoy.

Never demand your partner to cut down on their work; have a serious conversation with them about it. Instead, take a more effective approach, like reconnecting with quality time spent together on what you missed and talking and reminding them about your most cherished moments, thoughts, and dreams.

Appreciate Your Partner

View your partner’s passion for his work with enthusiasm. Your partner’s joy and fulfillment from their job should make you happy. Do not regard your partner’s work as your competitor. When you sit back and let your partner do what they love doing the most, your relationship will have a positive outcome.

Maintain A Balance

Draw a line and create boundaries between work and home life. This is essential to maintain a healthy balance between the two aspects of your life. It will also help to avoid future harm to you and your partner.

You both can take many small steps to do so. Turning off your cell phones when in each other’s company, enjoying hobbies together, not bringing work home, and showing physical and emotional support to your partner are things that will mitigate workaholic habits.

Final Thoughts

Finally, build trust, respect, and friendship. Communicate and share problems and any other issues that you have with your partner. The journey is all about exploring each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If you feel that your partner cannot put life in balance even after all your efforts, you should consider going for counseling or seeking professional help.

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