Things You Should Do Immediately After You Wake  

Having a good morning is crucial to a productive day. Here are some tips for you so you can use the time when you wake up to your advantage. 

It is often said that a good morning is the key to a good day. If that is the case, it is necessary to start your morning, and day, off right. Waking up can be tough. We all have those days where we feel glued to our beds and don’t want to do anything all day. However, to stay productive, there are some key steps we can take immediately after we wake up to ensure our day starts off right. 

Have a Glass of Water 

Water is necessary throughout the day to stay in good general health, and having a glass when you first wake up is a perfect way to keep pace on hydrating for the rest of the day. In addition, it provides a boost to your metabolism and cleanses the body of toxins which is helpful in the morning. 

Do Not Use Your Phone Immediately  

Let's face it: In 2021 phones are vital for a large chunk of our daily lives. Whether it’s our social life or our business life chances are we will need our phone a lot throughout the day. Phones also can be a significant source of stress in our lives, however. Sometimes seeing the wrong thing on your phone first thing in the morning can lead your day off the rails. To avoid this, take some time early in the day to focus on yourself away from your phone. Once you are ready, then take whatever it is head-on. 

Create a Daily To-Do List 

Chances are we will have many tasks throughout the day that we either need to finish or want to finish. To keep organized, write these tasks down in the morning and then check them off as you complete them. This will help you stay productive throughout the day by keeping yourself conscious of what you need to get done. It also will create a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day to see your to-do list completed. 

Exercise and/or Stretch 

Many of us may have an exercise plan that we like to stick to but have a hard time keeping up due to the many other tasks that tie us up throughout the day. This is why exercising early is a good idea. Not only will you have completed your workout for the day, but you will also feel good about the symbolic nature of already completing a goal for the day. This should give you confidence for the remainder of the day. If you don’t exercise, I would still recommend stretching in the morning simply to prepare your body for the day.  

Get Some Sun 

If you are a person who typically struggles to wake up or feel groggy for a while in the morning, getting sun could be the fix. Sunlight is scientifically proven to slow down your body’s production of the hormone melatonin, which is what makes you tired. It also is a good cure for depression and anxiety, making the early morning an ideal time to get outside.