How to Make $1000/month in Passive Income 

Passive Income involves your pre-invested time or money making more money for you after your work is done. Here are some ways this can be done. 

The idea of passive income seems tantalizing. It is everyone’s dream to be able to have streams of income flowing into your bank account without even putting in much work. At the same time, the idea often comes off as being too good to be true. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Making passive income is incredible once attained, but it almost always relies on hard work upfront to reap the rewards. Just making $1000 a month is a realistic goal to start with, and here are some ways this can be accomplished. 

Create an Online Course 

You may not realize it, but chances are you have some skill that people will pay to learn. If you can detect this skill, you can create a course teaching others what you know and monetize it. People can purchase this course and start earning you passive income. 

Rent Out a Room 

While being a landlord requires owning real estate, you can rent out individual rooms in your home through services such as Airbnb without even owning the home. If you have a spare room, I recommend trying this to chip away at your rent. 

Start a YouTube Channel 

Like many of the other options on this list, a tremendous amount of work is required up front to seriously profit off of YouTube. It will likely take time to get off the ground, but when it does your earnings can grow exponentially to the point where you can be making far more than $1000 a month. The key is to find a space with demand and create high-quality content within the space.  

Dividend Stocks 

Unlike many of the other options on this list, earning passive income from dividend stocks requires barely any time upfront. The catch is that it does require a tremendous amount of money upfront. Dividend stocks will pay you for simply being a shareholder, but because they pay a rather small percentage, you will need to own a substantial amount of dividend stocks before you can make $1000 per month with them.