Places To Travel For Thanksgiving Instead Of Home 

Traveling for Thanksgiving is traditionally reserved for a trip home but some travelers are breaking tradition by going to a vacation destination for a truly unique holiday celebration. 

A majority of holiday travelers are heading home for Thanksgiving while other daring travelers are opting to go somewhere to spend the holiday away from home. Breaking the tradition of going home might seem taboo but imagine spending your holiday in a unique way by traveling to these destinations.

Costa Rica is a vacation destination year-round but by November the region of Nosara is the dry season so you're guaranteed to have a sunny day surrounded by beaches and lush mountains. Nosara features a four-mile-long beach to enjoy wildlife, surfing, fishing, zip-lining, or horse riding unless you just want to lay on the beach to get a great tan. 

Costa Rica is known as a wildlife enthusiast destination with sightings of howler monkeys and crabs in Nosara with more to explore in the town to the north, Ostional Beach. This beach is known for sightings of the Olive Ridley turtles for nesting season that occurs the week before each new moon which would be the weekend after Thanksgiving. Nosara features a US community with restaurants that make traditional Thanksgiving dinner so you can enjoy your favorite comfort food away from home.

Another sunny destination for a Thanksgiving vacation is the Island of Hawaii near the Kona coast with multiple options for accommodations including hotels, resorts, and rental homes. Hawaii is the perfect destination for spending all your time outdoors in gorgeous weather for sports like surfing, golfing, or playing around on the beaches. 

Hawaii also features great nature tourism activities including volcano national parks and stargazing at night with limited light pollution. This outdoor oasis will be a stark contrast to your traditional Thanksgiving soaking in the sunshine instead of being bundled up for cold weather.
If you’re from a state without snow and want to experience a winter wonderland, you might want to visit Whistler in British Columbia with some of the most beautiful snow-covered mountain peaks. This destination is also great for adventure junkies as Whistler Blackcomb is the biggest skiing area in North America for all sorts of fun winter sports to explore.

For those who aren’t into winter sports, they can enjoy Whistler Village that has a renowned drinking and dining scene that some people from Vancouver actually take a day trip to enjoy the hospitality scene. This area isn’t all about snow sports as they offer a ton of sports without snow and some artistic forms of entertainment with a series of art galleries to roam through.