How to Cut Costs on Monthly Subscriptions 

Subscription based services make up a growing percentage in our monthly costs. Here are some tips to cut down on these costs.  

In 2021, subscription-based services have taken off. Companies have realized the potential that they have in terms of providing convenience for customers. Naturally, customers also like the convenience that comes with subscriptions. Unfortunately, subscriptions also tend to rope people into services that they do not need, or certainly do not need enough to justify the cost. Here are some ways to cut costs on your subscription costs. 

Pay per 6 months or per year 

Many subscription services offer an option where you can pay more money upfront and end up paying less than you would monthly. The key is you have to have a legitimate usage for the subscription for the entire time you are paying for it, otherwise, it will not be worth it. Prioritize what subscription services you use the most and calculate whether a longer subscription contract would be worth it.

Rotate Subscriptions 

Many different subscriptions will essentially offer you the same services. For example, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all are platforms in which you can stream TV and movies. Many people however will make the mistake of having accounts open on multiple platforms at the same time simply because each platform offers one unique show or movie. Do not make this mistake, and have only one subscription of each category open at a time.  

Share with Your Friends 

Check and see if any of your friends are in the market for the same subscription-based needs as you are. If so, and if this person is someone you trust, you can split the costs of the same account and both use it. This only works for services that allow for multiple devices, but it is certainly worth it to make use of these opportunities if you have them.