Best Places in America to Spend Thanksgiving 

If you are looking to get outside of your typical Thanksgiving routine, look into these places for a potential Thanksgiving weekend getaway.  

Thanksgiving is known as a holiday where we travel to our family’s homes and spend time together, or we host the family and the feast ourselves. However, some years you may have the opportunity to change things up and want to use the long weekend as an opportunity to travel with our families and do the holiday a bit differently. Here are some of the best Thanksgiving destinations in America. 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Thanksgiving has a rich history that is tied to the origins of America and therefore spending the holiday in such a historical setting as Williamsburg seems fitting. Visit the Jamestown Settlement during Thanksgiving where you can learn about the history of Colonial Virginia as well as enjoy some amazing Thanksgiving food. 

Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Speaking of historical places, you may as well give some thought to spending Thanksgiving at the literal birthplace of Thanksgiving in Plymouth. Each year in Plymouth, the original Thanksgiving feast is reenacted in a manner that attempts to bring the history of the holiday to life. It is a place I would recommend everyone spend at least one Thanksgiving in their lifetime. 

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada 

Lake Tahoe is perhaps better known as a tourist destination during the December holidays as it offers world-class skiing, but a ski trip to Lake Tahoe during Thanksgiving is also an excellent way to spend the holiday. The area also offers a festive environment for the holiday, with many excellent lodges and restaurants to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast in a one-of-a-kind environment. 

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Arizona can be an ideal place to visit during Thanksgiving because it allows visitors one last chance to take in warm temperatures before the winter settles in. The weather this time of year in a city such as Scottsdale is gorgeous, and with all of the hiking trails nearby you will have no shortage of excuses to get outside. Plus, this city is big enough to where you can still cash in on all of your Black Friday shopping!