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Europe Moves Towards Making Micro-USB The Charger Standard For Smartphones

Everyone eagerly awaited the newest iPhone 14 launch, and the beautiful, never-before-seen purple-colored phone didn’t disappoint. However, one setback that came up to bite Apple’s new phone was its charger. As we all know by now, Apple uses lightning-fast chargers or USB-A Lightning Cables.

Ever since some of the recent iPhones, Apple has stopped selling the complimentary adapter with the phone and only includes the cable for energy conservation. While this change affected Apple enthusiasts in some way or another, the bigger blow came when the whole EU decided against it.

According to two essential European standards, Apple has been handed a notice to change their non-existing adapter and lightning cable situation. They are asking Apple to switch to micro-USB cellphone chargers. The idea is to bring about a more harmonized set of standards for universal cellphone charging, as cell phones are now necessary.

These European standard bodies say this will be a leap forward in energy conservation than what Apple has been doing. They say people travel to and fro, across the Atlantic and Pacific all the time, and having to carry switchovers, take care of the voltages, and the whole commotion is simply not worth the exasperation that Apple is causing its clients.

Naturally, now that the standard bodies have relayed their requirements, many brands, including Apple, now face a deadline to change their phone charging options. The EU has given these brands until 2024 to make a quick and seamless shift from lightning cables to USB-C and all devices running on one universal and uniform charger.

However, this doesn’t lay easy, especially with Apple, because it has already significantly impacted their sales of iPhone 14. People feel that when the future phone would accommodate a new type of charger, getting an iPhone 14 with the old lightning standard charging is a waste of resources.

This has led to quite a stir for Apple as they move towards this change. This discussion has been going on for several years now, and it is no secret that Apple is reluctant to bring about any changes due to external forces.

Unless it is an inbred idea coming from within the Apple headquarters, it is not an easily accepted switch for them as a brand. However, the EU has reigned supreme in convincing them otherwise. As for the regular customers, only time will tell how it all goes down until 2024.

There is a lot of uncertainty about how Apple will change its charging for iPhones and go about including the adapter again or not. Nonetheless, the move has been welcomed by customers as it already means you can use a single charger for everything, regardless of the brand.

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