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Interesting Ways To Use Microgreens In Your Food

People have been using microgreens for decades for garnishing as they can add vibrance and flavor to any dish. However, as people are becoming aware of their nutritional value, they are trying ways to add them to foods like salads and more.

You’ve come to the right place if you are wondering how to use these delicious and nutritional greens in your meals. These are some interesting ways to incorporate microgreens from your diet.

Add Them To Smoothies

If you want to add nutritional value to your food without having a strong flavor of microgreens, the best way to have them is by blending them in your smoothies. Once blended, you can hardly tell that they’re there. Moreover, this will also help make your drink extra nutritious.

To make a delicious, healthy, and refreshing smoothie, you must blend your favorite fruits and microgreens with low-fat milk or yogurt. You can replace sugar with honey to make the smoothie even healthier. Additionally, add chia seeds or any other ingredient of your choice.

Add Them To Your Soups

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of soup in winter? Adding microgreens to your soups is the best way to add fiber, nutrition, and a crunch. Whether you sprinkle the microgreens, blend them, or chop them, they will be an excellent addition to your leak.

Add Them To Your Burgers And Sandwiches

Another interesting way to use microgreens is by layering them in your sandwiches. You can add raw microgreens to your wraps, tortillas, burgers, quesadillas, and more.

They will also add texture and crunch to your meal while offering numerous nutritional benefits. You can also add microgreens to hot sandwiches to reap their benefits.

Add Them To Your Pasta

Yes, you can even add microgreens to your pasta. You’d be surprised at how well they go with all pasta dishes, especially the ones with a rich, creamy sauce and butter. Adding microgreens to your pasta is similar to adding vegetables, as you enjoy more flavor and texture in your meal.

Use Them As Herbs

You can also use herb microgreens to replace full-sized or dry herbs. You can also use them in place of chopped celery to enhance the flavor of your dish. Since microgreens are aromatic, they will make your dish smell amazing!

You can easily reap the nutritional benefits microgreens offer by adding them to sandwiches, burgers, soups, pasta dishes, and more. They make the dish visually appealing while adding a ton of flavor! Enjoy!

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