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The Importance Of Natural Light For Work Productivity

For many people, natural light would be the last thing on their minds regarding personal productivity. Science shows that natural light can have astonishingly profound effects on worker wellbeing, mood and ultimately, productivity. Why shouldn’t it be that way considering that natural light strongly influences vitamin D synthesis, hormone production and circadian rhythm?

Science and Natural Light

An intriguing study shows how strongly light can affect productivity and performance. Test subjects were divided into 2 groups.

One group worked in an environment where conventional blinds restricted natural light. The other used electrochromic windows that allow sunlight while reducing glare.

The latter group scored around 40 percent higher on cognitive tests. This shows that natural light can have a dramatic effect on thinking ability.

There is a myriad of studies that show how light boosts circadian rhythm (which influences wakefulness, sleep and attention), sleep quality, alertness and health. This possibly explains how natural light can indirectly influence productivity in a very positive way.

Challenges can ensue when you allow in more natural light. There is increased heat and glare due to incoming natural light. But that can be reduced by using smart electrochromic windows.

Natural Light Reduces Eye Strain

Natural light and open views also help reduce eye strain. When our eye muscles focus on some long-distance view, our eyes get a much-needed break from viewing close objects for hours on end, which can deeply strain our eyes.

Endorphin Production

Even just 15 minutes of natural light exposure can be deeply relaxing and soothing for your mind and body. When our eyes look at natural sunlight, endorphin production increases. This makes our mood much better.

Increases Vitamin D

We all know that sunlight spurs the production of vitamin D. However, this key nutrient does not just mitigate bone loss. It can also reduce the risk of weight gain and heart disease. Due to its health-imparting benefits, it is reasonable to assume that natural light and subsequent sunshine vitamin production can improve health and productivity.

Fights SAD

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is, well, a sad reality. It can trigger depression in many people, especially during the autumn and winter seasons.

One way to alleviate the effects of SAD is to get in as much sunlight as possible to keep your mood bright and sunny. Keeping SAD at bay will undoubtedly boost productivity for many and improve their wellbeing.

Alleviates Fluorescent Lighting Health Risks

Several health problems can ensue from excessive fluorescent lighting, like eye strain and headaches. Profuse natural light reduces your need for fluorescent lighting and can thus lower these risks.

Bottom Line

Natural light can have a strong positive effect on worker wellbeing and productivity for reasons delineated above. You should try to expose yourself to more natural light during the day.

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