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Israeli Scientists Invent A New Wood-Based Ink Material For 3D-Printed Furniture

3D printing has taken the engineering world over by storm. However, the industry required another invention, as 3D printing gave rise to plastic due to the ink used for manufacturing these products. Hence, the introduction of wood-based ink by Israeli scientists is news worth sharing.

What Is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a design and manufacturing process in which a 2D structure is turned into a 3D object using special software, a machine, and a unique printing material. The ink mainly has amorphous metals and plastic resins that create numerous complex plastic products applauded for their strength and durability.

Who Invented The New Wood-Based Ink?

Research students and scientists at the University of Hebrew, Jerusalem, devised the newly introduced wood-based ink made using wooden particles wasted during the manufacturing process of wooden products. It’s been noted that even though 15 billion trees are cut down and utilized in various industrial processes, 50% of the wood is wasted.

The wood-based ink, made from wood and two other organic particles that act as adhesives, has a paste-like consistency and can be used for designing and manufacturing wooden furniture in any given shape and style. The wood-based ink starts taking its actual shape when it starts to dry out and warp gradually.

A regular tree’s shape depends upon the shape and size of the cell. However, the new ink’s wood cells can be altered in shape to create the desired shape and product with precision and accurate measurements.

Furthermore, one of the students working on the project also claims that the products manufactured using the 3D printer can mimic the smell of various kinds of wood. Hence, if consumers desire an oak or pine furniture piece, they can get them with no difference in quality.

Why Is The New Wood-Based Ink A Great Invention?

Inventing this innovative ink aims to increase sustainability and reduce wastage. As discussed earlier, wood-based ink collects wood particles from industrial waste. Hence, ink is an incredible invention.

Moreover, wood-based ink can finally replace resin ink, which consists of hard, unrecyclable plastics that are known for their durability but end up in landfills for hundreds of years. Therefore, furniture made from wood-based ink won’t be durable, lasting only 3-4 years.

However, once the piece has run its course, it could be turned into ink again and reused to manufacture another product. That’s precisely what scientists are aiming for in terms of sustainable products.

What Are Certain Doubts Regarding The Wood-Based Ink?

Even though small objects manufactured with wood-based ink have shown promising results, people are still unsure how reliable giant furniture pieces would be, limiting the usage of wood-based ink. Moreover, some scientists are still skeptical about the ink’s proper and precise shape forming.

Final Thoughts

Wood-based 3D printing ink can be revolutionary if it works the way its inventors claim. However, even if the massive product manufacturing doesn’t work out, the proper use of wasted wood is still applause worthy.

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